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Kappa Development G.P. was founded in 1995, keeping its head offices in Thessaloniki, developing the first vertical market software for oil-factories and olive and olive-oil packaging units.

Afterwards, it made the step towards software applications development for production and packaging units mostly:
- Dairies
- Wineries
- Meat preparations and delicatessen production units
- Dried food packing
- Food and fruit packing
offering completed solutions to the continuously ongoing demands of enterprises.

The human dynamic of Kappa Development constitutes the prime power for the accomplishment of its goals. The company systematically invests on the continuous professional training, instruction and advising of its personnel. Kappa Development team consists of specialized, well-instructed staff with long-term experience and quite advances know-how and virtues as well.

At the same time Kappa Development G.P. creates a complete technical section with the following activities:
- Designing and installation of wired and wireless computer networks
- Databases (ORACLE, SQL SERVER, MYSQL) where it develops applications
- Designing and installation WMS system for stores administration

Having as our motto the customers benefit and interest and the excellent knowledge of object, we are very able to offer you a high-level, modern and advanced informative system. The constant attendance, service and also respect to the customer is all along our primal care.